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BPEL and Web Service packages

For a few hours I was trying to understand why my simple BPEL process wasn’t working. I was using NetBeans IDE 6.1 (Build 200809100101). My simple BPEL process used two external partner links which were web services exposed by an EJB Module. Looking at the messy exception messages that Glassfish shows it was kind of hard to understand the issue. Everything seamed to be fine, building went smoothly and the deployment on a Composite Application as well, but the test always failed. The test failure wasn’t due to the fact that the contents of the output file and the file whose name contains the timestamp of the moment when the test was executed were different, because both of the files reported an error message (this is in fact a bug in NetBeans). I couldn’t understand why I could never obtain the desired results. Trying different things I found out that if I put the web services which acted like partner links in the BPEL process into different packages in the EJB Module, everything worked fine!! I think this was due to the fact that some of the output types used in the two web services were the same (for example java.lang.Exception) and maybe the BPEL schema importer couldn’t tell between the two. I don’t know, the important thing is that this seems to be yet another bug in the NetBeans platform. I resolved the problem with some simple refactoring, putting the two different web services into two different packages.